Alissa Wilms

Quantum Performer  

Quantum Computing, Porsche Digital Lab 

Berlin, Germany

Alissa believes in the power of quantum computing to accelerate humanity’s progress.

Alissa is currently completing her Ph.D in quantum computing at the Technical University of Berlin while working at Porsche Digital Lab. Her expertise in the quantum world has contributed to significant developments and projects at Porsche, while helping the teams to consider new possibilities outside the usual computer scientist perspective.

A physicist at heart, and the possessor of a curious mind, she contributes her knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence and her research on ethics and accountability in neural networks. Outside the context of Porsche Digital Lab, Alissa is also active in journalism, and is a member of the German media association. A former actress, she appeared in a number of movies including 2008’s “The Reader.”.

At the House, Alissa will takes us into her world, exploring the new frontiers of quantum computing and quantum business.