Amanda Jones


Co-Founder AND Co-CEO, Kikoko Cannabis Teas


amanda jones.png

Having studied neurophysiology and lived as a travel writer, photographer, and a “failed fashionista,” Amanda now applies her eclectic knowledge to a new venture: Kikoko Cannabis Teas. Launched with her friend and long-time collaborator Jennifer Chapin, Kikoko is a female-focused wellness brand that has been garnering international attention. With the intention of offering a gentle alternative solution for chronic pain, sleep, and other health concerns, Kikoko produces upscale products for an emerging market: legalized recreational marijuana.

The duo has a list of "six unbreakable rules of doing business," the first of which is: "No assholes"! The last one: "Make an impact!". This provides an idea of the socially responsible yet soulful business Amanda is leading. In that innovative capacity, she also sits on the Silicon Valley Executive Committee for Human Rights Watch.