Anja Melander

Inaugurator of the Antidisciplinary   

Head of Culture, Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship

Stockholm, Sweden

To enable radical collaboration, Anja wants to start the Antidisciplinary Revolution.

Anja Melander is the Head of Culture at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship and the founder of social design firm Tankeapoteket which specializes in organizational culture and innovation. To Anja, a key skill in the 21st century is radical collaboration, moving beyond the boundaries of single-sided academic disciplines, towards what she refers to as the Antidisciplinary Revolution.

In her role as the first-ever Head of Culture, Anja explores this new educational approach, while fostering the core values at the heart of the organization. Before joining SSES, she worked as the Global Innovation Director at Fotografiska, analyzing, codifying, and scaling up their culture for international expansion. Since 2015 she has also lead the innovation efforts at Gather Festival, a transdisciplinary festival combining music, conference, and lab.

Her academic background includes a Bachelor of Sciences in Psychology and Behavioral Science, a Master of Sciences In General Management, and studies in Strategic Communication.