Antti Virolainen

Steward of the Collaborative Economy  

Co-founder and COO, Sharetribe

Helsinki, Finland

Antti seeks to democratize the ownership of platforms.

Antti is the Co-founder and COO at Sharetribe, a Helsinki-based startup that creates software tools which make it easy and affordable for all teams, entrepreneurs, and co-ops to start their own platforms. A web developer turned culture lead and life coach, Antti knows how to fix things in the digital and human code.

Aiming to power the collaborative economy, he believes that a growing part of this power is based on online marketplace technology that helps individuals and smaller organizations effectively sell or rent products, services, and spaces to each other.  

A year ago, Sharetribe became a steward-owned company, a truly humanist operating model where profits are primarily reinvested and serve the purpose of the company instead of external investors or shareholders. The responsibility lies with the people and inside the organization, so that business works for purpose rather than shareholder-value maximization only.

During this transition, Antti led the pioneering work of establishing a capped-returns model to suit every stakeholder and adapting the steward-ownership principles in legal format, in compliance with Finnish laws, paving the way for others to follow.