Arnaud de la Tour


CEO and Co-Founder, hello tomorrow

Paris, France

Arnaud catalyzes cutting-edge scientific innovation for good.

Arnaud de la Tour is the CEO and co-founder of Hello Tomorrow, a global organization that enables deep-tech and science entrepreneurs to solve world challenges. Through a Global Challenge for startups, which has received more than18,000 applications from more than 100 countries since 2014, Hello Tomorrow identifies deep tech solutions by partnering with universities and research labs, and connecting them with industry leaders, investors, researchers, and regulators through conferences and networking events in 11 countries.

Back in 2011, when the idea for the organization first emerged, Arnaud was finishing his Ph.D in industrial economics. He and Xavier—his friend, co-founder of Hello Tomorrow—began to notice that deep technologies, based on scientific discoveries, engineering, mathematics, physics, and medicine, were being overlooked. Poised to use nurture and further grow the potential of these technologies to solve real challenges on a global scale, Xavier and Arnaud then founded Hello Tomorrow, which has now grown to become a key reference platform in the field of deep tech and entrepreneurship. 

Arnaud has a background in science, completed a Ph.D. on the photovoltaic industry focusing on the role of intellectual property in technology transfer, and then worked for a few years in management consulting at the Boston Consulting Group. He is the main author of two reports about deep tech co-published by Hello Tomorrow and BCG: “From Tech to Deep Tech” (2017), and “The Dawn of Deep Tech Ecosystems” (2019).