Arun Chaudhary


Partner, Revolution Messaging



To lead a movement, you need a story, and this is exactly what Arun specializes in creating. Arun was White House Official Videographer, a new role developed specifically for him at the beginning of the Obama administration. Known as the “First Cameraman,” Arun followed the former President within the White House and beyond, capturing moments of public grandeur and instances of human intimacy. During his tenure, he wrote, produced, shot, and edited over 63 episodes of West Wing Week, the first-ever online video diary of the White House, documenting the President through his rigorous weekly agenda. Arun’s favorite moments were the times in between, the liminal spaces before a big event, when the personal and political aspects of his subject’s life combined.

Since then, Arun has continued to work as a filmmaker in politics as a partner of the full-service political communications agency Revolution Messaging, and in roles such as creative digital director of Bernie Sanders' 2016 presidential campaign. A 2017 House of Beautiful Business Resident, we can’t wait to have Arun and his uplifting brand of black humor back for a second term.