Brad White


President, Europe and Middle East, BrightHouse


brad white 2.jpg

Brad helps BCG’s global business clients from the inside out by aligning their purpose with performance. Brad believes that a deep understanding of a company’s Why and How will connect employees with each other, the company’s mission, stakeholders’ needs, and shareholders’ benefit to improve both performance and impact.

After starting out his career at BCG in 2001, he left to co-found his own venture, a brand and marketing strategy firm that was later acquired by Prophet. In his role as president, Europe and Middle East of BrightHouse, a BCG Company, Brad brings deep experience in industrial goods, automotive, travel & tourism, telecom, healthcare, public sector, consumer products, and coaching teams of both consultants and girls’ lacrosse.

In addition, he lectures at UNC, Emory, and Vanderbilt, and previously served on the Executive Committee of the Product Development and Management Association’s Board of Directors.

At the House, Brad will discuss the purpose of nations and how they can find their way without nationalism.