Christoph Knorn


Global Director of Employer Branding, Siemens


chris knorn 3.jpg

Companies don’t move the world forward, people do. Few embrace this credo more than employer branding groundbreaker and returning House Resident Christoph Knorn. His understanding of business is perhaps best reflected in his appreciation of motorcycles: uncompromising in their engineering yet unmistakably human in their joyful novelty, when assembled, both become more than the sum of their parts.

Christoph studied psychology in relation to both industry and art, with an intriguing foray into forensics as well. How better to prepare the modern romantic for corporate life than a wealth of insight, a taste for beauty, and a dash of the macabre?

Since 2014, Christoph has championed the human side of a company driven by electrification, digitalization, and automation: Siemens. Christoph has set industry benchmarks in terms of both attracting talent and evidencing what purpose looks like at scale.