Christoph Quarch


Philosopher, Author, and Consultant


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Christoph Quarch is a German philosopher, bestselling author, speaker, lecturer, and meaning maker with a free spirit. In his consultative work, he aims to awaken the soul of organizations by helping them find a common language. For Christoph, the essence of philosophy entails considering the questions that concern making a meaningful life. In one of his recent books, Officina Humana, he describes the workspace as an effective tool for business and personal growth—as long as it links functionality with poetry.  

His philosophy is rooted in the tradition of Hans-Georg Gadamer, author of Philosophy of Hermeneutics, whom he worked alongside while studying at Heidelberg University. Referencing philosophers from Aristotle to Heidegger, with a special affinity for Plato, Christoph’s own purpose is interpreting human existence in terms of living a good and healthy life.

At the House of Beautiful Business, Christoph will introduce his approach to discovering beauty in the corporate world that can nurture and energize human creativity, responsibility, and courage.