Christopher Eoyang


GLOBAL INVESTOR & VP of Business Development and Global Projects, Boom Supersonic

Up in the air


Just as commercial air travel redefined our concepts of time and space and allowed for a new era of globalization, Christopher and the team at Boom Supersonic are preparing to begin a new chapter in mainstream human transportation. Spanning distances in about half the time, Boom projects it will be able to fly passengers from New York to London in just over three hours, and from Tokyo to San Francisco in five and a half. What this will mean for human interaction, global economies, and the 21st century business traveler is yet to be seen, but with Virgin and Japan Airlines already signed on as operators, it appears that Boom may soon bring us together faster than ever before. 

Christopher spent 24 years at a US investment bank in a variety of macro and strategy research roles. Since then he has invested globally as an active angel. He is also a co-founder and partner of a London-based film and TV production company. He lives in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Manila, and Honolulu.