Clare Morgan

Architect of Poetic Possibility

Director of University of Oxford’s Creative Writing programme and Fellow of Kellogg College, Oxford; Author, What Poetry Brings to Business.

Oxford, United Kingdom 

Clare researches the relation between literature and business thinking.

Clare is founder and director of Oxford’s Creative Writing programme which is recognized as among the top creative writing programmes offered globally.  Her book What Poetry Brings to Business came out of a 10 year collaboration with The Strategy Institute of The Boston Consulting Group and has gained a worldwide readership.  In it, Clare demonstrates how the creative energy, emotional power and communicative complexity of poetry relate directly to the practical needs for innovation and problem solving that face business leaders.

Clare has run multi-language poetry workshops and presentations in the US, UK, continental Europe and Japan and currently shares her expertise to facilitate discussions of poems and stories with selected groups in a range of companies which are keen to foster a culture of diversity and inclusivity, help generate more productive teams and encourage a climate of creativity in the context of an empathetic organizational community.  Her ‘Thinking Beyond the Facts’ programmes are tailored to meet the needs of organizations in navigating the uncertainty and ambiguity inherent in business practice, and working towards that shift in thinking which is the essence of transformation.

She is currently working in association with Darden Business School on a chapter for Humanizing Business (2020) and her new novel Breathing on the Moon is due out with Unbound in 2020.