David Li

Herald of Shanzhai's Hardware Market

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab

Shanghai, China

David predicts the end of the Silicon Valley model is near.

David Li ranks among one of the first leaders of the Chinese maker culture, which traces back to the Shanzhai market in the early 2000s. Today, he facilitates the collaboration of smart hardware entrepreneurs across various global economies, like those of Africa and Silicon Valley, with the Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab.

The Lab’s work is dedicated to exploring issues across markets, developing solutions to connect the massive production ecosystem to small hardware startups, and promoting Shenzhen’s global standing in the development of digital intelligent hardware manufacturing.

In 2010, David co-founded XinCheJian, the first hackerspace in China to promote a hacker culture and open-source hardware, followed by Hacked Matter and Maker Collider, both of which platforms to develop the next generation Internet of Things from the maker community.

David believes in and promotes new counter-narratives to the Silicon Valley culture.