Dipti Mehta

The Human Voice

WRITER, Scientist, performer, and CREATIVE WRITER FOR A FAMOUS VIRTUAL Assistant

New York City, USA

A scientist, actress, and writer, Dipti imbues the virtual assistant with personality.

Dipti Metha is a Mumbai-born actress, creative writer, and scientist based in New York City. She also happens to work as a writer on the personality team for the virtual assistant at a Fortune 500 company, where her job is to infuse empathy and make the assistant fun and relatable to her locale in a South Asian language.

A passionate believer in holistic health, she started her own cruelty-free, chemical-free skincare line. Dipti also created HONOUR: Confessions of a Mumbai Courtesan, a one-woman show in which she sheds light on human and sex trafficking and takes a stand for social justice and women’s rights.

Off stage, and since the past 10 years, Dipti has been working as a research scientist in the field of prostate cancer at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, holding a doctorate in molecular and cellular biology from the University of Arizona. With the soul of an artist, her career as a performer began at a young age of 12, when she was discovered by the All India Radio at an elocution competition. In time, she became the only radio jockey at the same station, hosting music shows in both English and Hindi.

Most recently, she has been working on a comic book called Priya and The Lost Girls, the third book in the series of Priya’s Shakti.