Dirk Jehmlich


Managing Director, diffferent



Multiplying those that delight, and minimizing those that demise, that’s how Dirk from diffferent helps clients with surprise... Together with the triple-f teams in Munich and Berlin, Dirk creates brands with purpose, communication with meaning, and offerings with impact.

As one of the most progressive strategy consulting firms in Germany, diffferent has been a long-standing partner to companies such as the Volkswagen Group, Deutsche Telekom, Porsche, MTU, EnBW, and IKEA. Diffferent’s approach to strategic surprise and future fitness is radical yet reflective, and the evolutions the company inspires are as exciting as they are empowering.

Dirk worked long years in trend research, so he is accustomed to being a few steps ahead. In this spirit, he founded something new this year: Blaue Wunder—a private playground for business as art based in Berlin.