Elad Verbin


Lead Scientist AND Founding Partner, Berlin Innovation Ventures


elad verbin.jpeg

As a theoretical data and computer scientist, Elad has been following blockchain technology since the 80’s, and he leans on the humanities and other disciplines to shape its future. He is keenly aware of the high hopes associated with the rise of the decentralized web and passionate about finding ways to protect the democratizing potential of crypto economics. In order to “design cryptoeconomic systems of long-term utility, viability, and success," he argues that “experts in actual human economic behavior, such as public policy experts, behavioral economists, and social scientists need to be included into the design process.”

Elad holds a postdoc degree from the Computer Science Department of Aarhus University, completed his Ph.D with Haim Kaplan at Tel Aviv University, and is a founding partner at Berlin Innovation Ventures.