Ghislaine Boddington


CREATIVE DIRECTOR, body>data>space and Women Shift Digital



Ghislaine is an artist, curator, researcher, and director who believes we should use our whole bodies as a means for digital interaction. She comes at tech from the performing arts, which inspires her embodied perspective and ongoing creative practice. Ghislaine is intrigued by technology’s immersive potential and often explores the ability of technology to augment our senses through her performance works and interactive installations. She sees a future in which we connect ourselves into a networked “multi-self,” an “Internet of Bodies” bound by sensors and implants, tele-intuition, and a dissolution of the boundaries between physical and virtual.  

As the creative director of body>data>space, Ghislaine advocates for the living body as the focus of all interaction design, an approach which leads to a stunning blend of performance, architecture, new media, and virtual worlds. She is also the co-founder and director of Women Shift Digital, a conference, debate, website, and program series for people of all genders designed to celebrate women in digital careers and influence the influencers.

She’s a member of the Editorial Board of Springer’s AI & Society journal, an advisor for the Stemettes, and also the co-host of the BBC’s flagship technology radio program, BBC Click.