João Veiga


Founder and Managing Director, Dear Lisbon Houses


Joao Veiga (2).jpg

João composed Dear Lisbon as a love letter to his city. Vibrance and lightness, beauty and charm, joyful welcomes and a twist of intrigue—João has captured all the things he loves about the Portuguese capital in the form of a guest house.

Dear Lisbon now has four houses across the city, each definitively unique yet united by a hand-written intimacy and warm spirit which come from the hearts of João and his family. Fluent in the language of hospitality, João has stories about the evolution of entrepreneurship, hospitality, and his city: what changes and what remains eternally the same.

This year, the House will be in two new locations, one of which is Dear Lisbon’s fabulous Gallery House. With João and his team behind it, we think you’ll love it just as much as we do.