Josh Payton


Design Director, Airbnb

San Francisco, USA

Josh constructs the trip to belonging anywhere.

Josh Payton is the Design Director for the trip platform at Airbnb which helps travelers find their homes away from home. Practicing the company’s mission, the art of belonging, usually begins at that crucial point between ‘search and explore,’ at the intersection of maps and user reviews.

Previously, Josh held the role of VP of User Experience in Huge's European offices, partnering with the agency’s global strategy, design and development teams in the creation and rapid prototyping of concepts, ecosystems, and interfaces.

Over the past 20 years, Josh has worked as Creative Director, UX at Apple, managed global user experience for the home and storefront pages at, led visual design efforts for the News and Information group at Yahoo, and headed up interactive design for Slate Magazine at Microsoft and Washington Post / Newsweek Interactive.