Kenneth Mikkelsen


Founder, FutureShift; co-author, The Neo-Generalist



Kenneth Mikkelsen is the co-founder of FutureShifts and an associate of the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies and the Drucker Society.

Together with Richard Martin, Kenneth co-authored the book The Neo-Generalist: Where You Go is Who You Are, which explores the value of multidisciplinary thinking, of living in more than one world.

Kenneth himself lives up to the premise of his book. A journalist by education, Kenneth has published widely on issues of leadership and the shifting nature of business in the 21st century in many leading media, including Harvard Business Review, Financial Times, The Economist, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, and Forbes. A leadership advisor, learning designer, speaker, and writer, he is dedicated to improving the quality of leadership by influencing how leaders think, learn, behave, and impact society. By designing transformative learning journeys, he helps them address the most important questions in life: What drives us? Why do we exist? How do we learn? Where are we heading? What matters in life? Who are we? What do we want to be?