Lacey Leone McLaughlin


CEO & Co-Founder, Flerish

Los Angeles


As the CEO and Co-Founder of Flerish, Lacey knows how to empower people to unlock their professional potential. Based on the principles and strategies of investor and LinkedIn co-founder and former chairman Reid Hoffman and his co-authors (The Start-Up of You and The Alliance), Flerish, her early-stage startup, is developing a mobile app (called YOU) to empower people to take control and ownership of their careers and work life.

Prior to Flerish, Lacey spent nearly two decades in executive coaching and talent management, working with companies such as DreamWorks Animation, Nestle, and Toyota, whom she helped design, implement, and facilitate large-scale change, strategy, learning, and development initiatives. She currently serves as an affiliated practitioner of executive education at the Center for Effective Organizations in the USC Marshall School of Business in Los Angeles.

A published author, Lacey’s most recent work is a co-authored chapter in the Sage Handbook for Leadership Development, tackling what executive leadership needs to do to join the digital age. With Flerish, she’s already there.