Louise Kyhl-Triolo


Head of Leadership Development, Culture Innovation, and Leadership University, Airbus, NA

San Jose

louise khyl.jpg

Louise is the type of person who makes her own luck. In 2000, she left a stable job in Denmark for an uncertain French adventure and ended up at Airbus by way of L’Oreal. Years later, she wrote a white paper that led to the creation of a new job title within Airbus and her appointment to the position. For the past two years, she’s been the company’s head of leadership development, culture innovation, and Leadership University in North America.

Based in Silicon Valley, Louise is inspiring the engineering powerhouse to disrupt itself before its competitors do, starting with the mindset of each individual. She was part of the team responsible for launching the Airbus Innovation Center, A^3, and Airbus Ventures. Moreover, she manages new injections of innovation leadership practices and tools in the Airbus DNA through her work with Singularity University, XPrize, Mach49, and other partners. Most recently, she initiated and led Airbus' company-wide Dream Big initiative, inviting all of Airbus' more than 130,000 employees to help shape the company's future vision.