Mafalda Visitação


Trainee HR Development, Galp


Mafalda Visitação (1).jpg

Since her days as a psychology student, Mafalda has long been fascinated with people’s behavior patterns and personal characteristics. Understanding today’s world of work as a nurturing ground for shaping organizational cultures around the needs of individuals and teams, rather the other way around, is what brought Mafalda to Galp. She started her career as a recruiter, and is now part of the Generation Galp trainee programme where she contributes to improving Galp’s Culture and HR development.

As a dedicated piano player since her childhood, Mafalda draws much of her inspiration from music, where she first noticed the powerful impact of small size and detail. To her, human’s unique characteristics can be compared to how each note and every single tone can shape an organization’s symphony. And if such a small change of tone can turn around the composition as a whole – what does this imply for the future of organizations?

At the House, Mafalda will share her perspective on career, business, and the role of her generation, the Millennials, during the panel discussion ‘Generation Silver’ with fellow residents Jennifer Sukis and Carlos de Melo Ribeiro.