Martin Reeves

Renaissance Man


New York City, USA

Martin calls for business to compete on imagination.

A strategist, ever-curious researcher, and philosopher at heart, Martin leads the BCG Henderson Institute with kindness, wisdom, and foresight. His long-term interest is the future of strategy, and his work in this field has led to some of the group’s most definitive work. Recent projects have investigated proactive evolution, the “Amazement Cycle,” the need to “compete on imagination,” and the invaluable nature of play in the modern organization.

Before being appointed as director of the Henderson Institute, Martin led strategy projects within BCG in the areas of finance, health care, and consumer goods. In his book Your Strategy Needs a Strategy, he offers leaders an artist’s “palette” to paint a dynamic vision for their organizations’ futures. His post-graduate studies in biophysics and the natural sciences have informed his understanding of complex systems—a necessity in the increasingly networked business environment today. He has also studied the intricacies of Shakuhachi, a traditional Japanese flute.

At the House, he will moderate the Sunday sessions and engage with leaders in a series of Bottom-Line fireside chats throughout the week. He will also host a podcast in our podcast studio.