Miriam Leia Bekkouche


Founder and CEO, The Brain Spa



The Brain Spa is a New York and Montreal-based startup that refreshes minds and shapes futures using meditation and mindfulness. The brainchild of Miriam Leia Bekkouche—a Canadian-born, multilingual Brooklynite—the Spa is a wellspring of wisdom and an oasis for those seeking to thrive in the modern world. By integrating scientifically-proven approaches with traditional practices, Miriam helps leaders change the world, beginning with the way they react to it.

In her capacity as coach and consultant, she offers training, techniques, and well-needed recuperation to the minds of the world’s best and brightest. The goal is conscious, value-based decision-making, wellbeing, and meaningful impact. A graduate in political science, Miriam is also interested in international relations, systemic change, and the future of government. In her recent tenure as a TED Resident, she explored how meditation can be used as a powerful tool in diplomacy and thus help us solve the world’s most pressing problems.