Philipp Lahm


Investor and Entrepreneur; Founder of the Philipp Lahm Foundation; Head of Germany's Euro 2024 Organizing Committee; Honorary Captain of the German National Football Team



To perform under pressure, to inspire talented specialists to triumph together, and to seamlessly adapt one’s strategy with agility and grace: there’s so much leaders can learn from the fast-paced world of professional football, and few know the Beautiful Game better than Philipp Lahm.

The long-time Bayern Munich champion led the German national team to a World Cup victory in Rio 2014, before surprising fans the world over by changing course. Unafraid of a challenge, Philipp followed his intuition into a new arena: the field of entrepreneurship. Now, he’s ushering in a similar change of tack in the organizations he’s part of, by helping legacy health brands such as Sixtus and Schneekoppe to get in shape for the digital marketplace. During his days as a captain, Philipp learned that teams work best when they feel more like families than factory lines, and that it’s a leader’s responsibility to communicate bravely, even when that means starting uncomfortable conversations.

Whether in his business ventures, his philanthropic work, or as ambassador of Germany’s 2024 successful Euro Cup bid and now head of the Euro 2024 Organizing Committee, Philipp’s purpose is clear: to improve lives through education, sports, and health.