Shermin Voshmgir

Token Economist

Founder, BlockchainHub, Director, Research Institute for Crypto Economics; author, Token Economy

Vienna, Austria

Shermin believes the world will be tokenized.

Shermin is a leading voice on the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to radically transform the internet and our society. She is the Director of the Research Institute for Crypto Economics at the Vienna University of Economics and the founder of BlockchainHub, a network of independent entities that advocate for bespoke technology, smart contracts, and the decentralized web. She is also the author of The Token Economy (2019) and an advisor of Jolocom, a blockchain-based self-sovereign identity protocol, and of Wunder, a decentralized art museum.

For Shermin, what’s fascinating about the crypto-economy is not only the idea of alternative finance commodities, but the potential of a completely new operating system based on distributed governance that can transcend geographic boundaries of nation states.

In the past, Shermin worked as a curator of TheDAO (one of the world’s first Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), and on the advisory board of the Estonian E-residency.

She is Austrian, with Iranian roots, and lives in Vienna and Berlin.