Sophie Kleber


Global Executive Creative Director, Huge


Sophie Kleber 1 .jpg

How do human emotions work? What's the danger of silicone sycophants manipulating our feelings? Are we all suckers for flattery? These are the types of questions that Sophie thinks about everyday.

Born into a family of costume designers, conductors, and writers in Berlin, Sophie’s life has been infused with art, resilience, and responsibility since the start. Her caring and creative approach serves her well as she works to infuse emotion and ethics into innovative user interfaces.

An experience designer by trade, Sophie has followed the emotional development of automated assistants and artificial intelligences and applied the findings to her work with voice UIs and sentient computing. As global executive creative director at the experience agency Huge, she has looked into the future of human-computer interaction and found that when computers have personalities, humans want to be their friends. Sophie’s empathic approach to designing emerging platforms helps these friendships blossom.