Tess Posner



San Francisco


Tess is a social entrepreneur focused on increasing equity and inclusion in the tech economy. She doesn’t just worry about unethical algorithms or AI taking a turn for the worse: she’s forging a path that leads in a more positive direction. As CEO of AI4ALL, Tess works to increase diversity and inclusion in artificial intelligence. AI4ALL creates pipelines for underrepresented talent through education and mentorship programs around the U.S. and Canada that give high school students early exposure to AI for social good.

Before joining AI4ALL, she was managing director of TechHire at Opportunity@Work, a national initiative launched out of the White House to increase diversity in the tech economy. Earlier in her career, Tess built and ran Samaschool, a nonprofit that equips low-income people to find work in the digital economy through an online platform training 50,000+ students worldwide and a dozen diverse locations from New York City to rural Arkansas and East Africa.