Vasco Gaspar


Human Flourishing Facilitator


vasco gaspar 2.jpg

Vasco believes in a world in which wise and compassionate leaders can “lead from the future as it emerges.” He guides leaders to grow into their highest potential, by helping them to activate three critical forms of intelligence: an open mind (curiosity), an open heart (compassion), and an open will (courage).

Vasco is inspired by the Love of all living beings and being a positive activist for the protection of the planet. Through his training in Mindfulness, Heartfulness, and Presencing, Vasco has spent the past decade working with thousands of clients from Fortune 500 companies and NGOs to help achieve a shared higher purpose.

At the House, Vasco will bring his unique perspective by sharing an awareness-based technology called Social Presencing Theater, which is about activating the collective embodiment of intelligence by bringing mind and body together.