Ville Sointu


Head of Emerging Technologies, Nordea


ville sointu2.png

A self-titled blockhead and fintech believer since 2002, Ville Sointu leads Nordea Bank’s distributed ledger and blockchain core development and research team. With 15 years of experience in digital financial services,Ville has long believed that banks may be facing a ‘kodak moment,’ that is, a decentralized future in which financial assets are distributed among several service providers as part of an ongoing disruption.

Before joining Nordea, Ville was the head of strategy for Ericsson’s digital financial services unit, a global leader in interoperable e-money and mobile wallet solutions. Today, he continues to advocate for understanding the impact of exponential technology for the sake of making business both better and more beautiful. He is also a member of  Member of the EU Blockchain Observatory working group, the EBFBlockchain Task Force, and the EBA Cryptotechnologies working group.