Yanbo Xue

Career Scientist

Chief Scientist, BOSS Zhipin

Vancouver, Canada

Yanbo marries data and psychology to introduce a new discipline: career science.

Yanbo is the chief scientist of BOSS Zhipin, a fast-growing, Chinese HR tech company. A control engineer, communication theorist, machine learning research, and quantum computer developer, he has become increasingly interested in drawing insights regarding psychology from his research to learn more about the human mind.

Last year, Yanbo founded the Career Science lab to study the evolution of job skills and career development, which led him to form a framework for a new discipline: career science. He aspires to turn himself into a “technology neutralist” by incorporating both sides of the equation, which he defines as technological progress with its environmental and societal impact.

Previously, he worked as a senior deep learning researcher at D-Wave Systems Inc., focused on the fields of deep learning, reinforcement learning, and probabilistic sampling. He has also supported the technical co-founders at the Creative Destruction Lab of the University of Toronto.

He holds two PhD degrees, one from McMaster University in Canada and one from Northeastern University in China.