The Art of the Unsought Discovery

Chamber of Beautiful Business, Amsterdam

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Co-hosted by Kitty Leering.


How to find what you didn't know you were looking for.

As we race through our fast-paced lives all the time sharpening our focus in order to create the beautiful change we are looking for in ourselves, our ventures and the world, are we losing sight of the equally beautiful opportunities lurking in our peripheries?

Rather than leaving such opportunities to chance, how might we create the space required to let these opportunities in?

How might we derail predictability and instead engineer for serendipity?

Together with a designer of human connections and a curator of happiness, we'll be exploring how we can create the conditions for serendipity to happen.

Peter Mandeno

Ph.D Design Researcher; Founder, Centre for Human Connectivity

Marcel Kampman

Founder, Happykamping and Initiator, Happyplaces Project

Moulsari Jain

Founder, B-A-D for GOOD; and Artists Are Among Us

Iā€™m curious to hear over the next week what people really did to push this. And what they might stick to. Someone be the bravery I lack and be that person that leads everyone down the unknown path! Thanks all for the inspiration !
— Joe Fletcher, Managing Director, arogdesign Amsterdam