The Art of the Unsought Discovery

Chamber of Beautiful Business, Amsterdam

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Co-hosted by Kitty Leering.

How to find what you didn't know you were looking for.

As we race through our fast-paced lives all the time sharpening our focus in order to create the beautiful change we are looking for in ourselves, our ventures and the world, are we losing sight of the equally beautiful opportunities lurking in our peripheries?

Rather than leaving such opportunities to chance, how might we create the space required to let these opportunities in?

How might we derail predictability and instead engineer for serendipity?

Together with a designer of human connections and a curator of happiness, we'll be exploring how we can create the conditions for serendipity to happen.

Peter Mandeno

Ph.D Design Researcher; Founder, Centre for Human Connectivity

Peter helps people and organisations connect more effectively and meaningfully.

A native of New Zealand, Peter describes his career as ‘wonky’ having spent two decades chasing and creating opportunities across multiple continents and industries. Peter’s fascination with the way humans connect – particularly across cultural, social and industry boundaries – was born out of his experience designing and growing Wok+Wine, an experience described by Harvard Business Review as a global experiment in social chemistry and by others as the world’s most effective serendipity machine.

This fascination led Peter to embark on a PhD in Design Engineering at Imperial College London. The focus of Peter’s research is the identification and articulation of key design principles that can help the designers of systems, experiences, services and products to more consistently deliver improved human connectivity outcomes. In short, Peter is on a mission to create a better-connected world. Relevant, authentic, meaningful, human connections – not just digital ones.

In 2019, Peter will launch The Centre for Human Connectivity as a global meeting place for people, organizations, ideas and resources that are contributing to this vision.

Marcel Kampman

Founder, Happykamping and Initiator, Happyplaces Project

Marcel finds, creates, and documents happy spaces.

Driven by an insatiable curiosity, Marcel catalyses new projects to playfully explore different topics in the fields of society, culture, and technology. As the initiator of “Happyplaces,” he investigates the dimensions and manifestations of space. The project explores how a wide variety of people create or facilitate spaces and where their boundaries lie; in turn it maps these findings and then translates them into hands-on tools that can help to create better spaces where people can find happiness.

Marcel regularly organizes and facilitates creative social events that bring people together in building shared understandings and improved realities, as he does with his work as creative director of WeMakeThe.City, the festival that makes cities better.

He also works as a creative strategist and strategic creative as Happykamping, an eclectic distributed network of thinkers and doers for a wide variety of clients, helping them with their complex challenges, and ultimately leading them to happiness.

Moulsari Jain

Founder, B-A-D for GOOD; and Artists Are Among Us

Moulsari guides people and organisations through uncomfortable limitations to insightful breakthroughs for creativity, meaning and leadership.

On a mission for cultural sustainability, her inspiring experiences and complex strategic systems shift culture away from material growth towards human growth. Having moved from her native India at three months old, growing up in an international diplomatic community across Vienna, Bhutan, New York, New Delhi, Brunei, Tanzania and Mexico firmly planted in her a fascination for the similarities amongst all human beings despite culture and language. Evolving into a passion for the arts, philosophy, psychology and language, her focus eventually culminated in an independent studio developing branding and communication systems that drew from her personal anthropological investigations into identity and meaning.

The desire to reach more people led Moulsari to incorporate bold artistic experiments about taboo subjects ranging from mental health to politics and finance. B-A-D for GOOD was born, focusing on pushing cultural boundaries with creativity and courage for positive sustainable innovation in business and society.

Moulsari regularly works with bold organisations who share her conviction about their responsibility for shaping the future of work. She also creates communities of creative practice for greater good with Artists Are Among Us. She leads courses on creativity, personal branding, purpose and passion, superhumanity, failure and most recently, Doing Nothing. Stay tuned for her first book!

The Amsterdam Chamber is all about thinking and doing, hence the participation begins a week earlier than the actual gathering on July 2.