Finding Function

Chamber of Beautiful Business, Athens

Saturday, June 1, 2019

private residence

Co-hosted by Sarah Souli.

How can purposeful integration change communities?  

In mathematics, integration refers to the process of finding a function - it’s one of the building blocks of calculus.

But creating beautiful businesses and meaningful communities is not a math problem - it’s a deeply human one. What happens when we use the positive attributes of integration - connection, exchange, education - to create new webs?

Athens happens. In the past decade, Athens has witnessed incredible change: political movements, economic crises, and migration flows have all changed the city’s face. As a result, the city is in the middle of integrating new communities, new cultures, and new ways of doing business.

Designed to resemble a modern salon litteraire, the Chamber of Beautiful Business, Athens is a place for people with business brains and artistic hearts to share our ideas and exchange our experiences around integration.

Marina Liakis

co-founder of The Orange House

Sophie Lamprou

co-founder of Impact Hub      

Orsalia Parthenis

fashion designer