The Soul of Organizations

Chamber of Beautiful Business, Berlin

Friday, February 22, 2019

The Dive

Co-hosted by Nika Wiedinger, Simon Berkler, and Sven Krüger.

Together, we explored the concept and meaning of the ‘soul’ from a business, philosophical, and artistic point of view. With speakers from business, philosophy, and the arts.

Wolf-Dieter Enkelmann

Institut für wirtschaftsgestaltung

Maike Küper

Detecon Consulting

Patrick Boadu


Pietro Sanguineti

Contemporary Artist

Can a soul of business simply be a shared expression of willpower and desire, that it does exist?
— Nika Wiedinger, Institut für Wirtschaftsgestaltung
Invite and “allow” new social habits: When do we consciously use which kind of human intelligence? When are we running in cognitive, in empathetic and in intuitive mode? How can we make sure that these modes enrich each other (instead of devaluating each other)?
— Simon Berkler, TheDive