Wabi Sabi – Celebrating the Imperfect, Incomplete & Impermanent Nature of Business

Chamber of Beautiful Business

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Bakehouse Studios

Co-hosted by Mykel Dixon.


We look forward for answers when perhaps we should look back for better questions. One place might be the Japanese philosophy – Wabi Sabi.

In Wabi Sabi, everything is made more beautiful by baring the marks and scars of age and individuality. Repairs and reconstructions are to be appreciated rather than made invisible. Peace can be found by embracing the transitory, incomplete and impermanent nature of existence. Perhaps if we embraced a little Wabi Sabi in our work, we might find greater satisfaction in simple moments. More enjoyment in everyday interactions. More reverence for the often unheroic essence of our professional lives.

Together we turned the mundane into the mysterious, find fortune in fleeting experience, and savour the inevitable mess of making beautiful business.

Proudly supported by Death Gin & The Catalyst Network.

Thanks for a great vibe and bringing your authentic selves to explore the imperfect, the incomplete and the...aw hell, can’t remember the third one. Great night, great explorations and great to have been a small part of it!
— Jeff Schwisow, author of Projectify