The Wisdom of Machines

Chamber of Beautiful Business, Milan

Friday, July 5, 2019

Co-hosted by Roberta Treno and Paulo Carvalho.


“All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions. (...) All sciences are vain and full of errors that are not born of experience, the mother of all knowledge." – Leonardo da Vinci

Machines can be smart, but wisdom is human. If so, how is it possible to re-discover what makes our abilities uniquely human in an age of machines?

Wisdom is the result of the human evolutionary process. We are artists, socially bound by the biology of love and belonging, while being a product of nature, constraint by it, observers of it, and creatures of realities. Yet the “god-like creatures” in us still invite us to be creators of a singular machine. Now, what is the ultimate machine wisdom? To be wise enough, that no human could use it wrongly – and where do we draw the line between right and wrong?

Together with local speakers from business, technology, and the arts, we’ll be exploring how to create and guard wisdom, what we may learn from machines and what they may learn from us.

Antonio di Stefano

Co-founder, Peoplerise 

David Bevilacqua

Co-founder, Yoroi; former CEO, Cisco Italia 

Francesca Gammicchia 

Founder, Talento Umano 

Fabio Brescacin 

President, NaturaSì

I attend events all the time, but the level of richness and depth at this Chamber was impressive and touching. I won’t miss Lisbon.
— Marianna Nicoletta Culosi, Project Manager for Country Digitization, Cisco