Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Chamber of Beautiful Business, New York City

thursday, May 16, 2019

38 Parlor

Co-hosted by Daniel Gomez-Seidel and Pablo Criado-Peréz.


What have been the most important decisions you have made so far in your life? What was it that in the end nudged you towards one direction or the other? And how will you find a compromise between trusting your guts and trusting the other, in an age of biometric scanning, smart machines, and predictive analytics? Are we witnessing an evolution of decision-making?

With technological and scientific progress, we’re not only exposed to increasing data-driven knowledge, but also gain more insight into the unexplored mysteries of human decision-making. Today, tensions arise between the intuitive, and the analytical, the individual and the collective, the manipulative and the altruistic. How do these tensions affect business, culture and everyday life?

What essential aspects of our own humanity might be crucial factors to count in, when making the right choice – and how many will be real free will?

Together with speakers from science, business, politics, technology, and the arts, we explored the evolving nature of decision-making and start deconstructing, by experiencing.

Anna Burckhardt


Arun Chaudhary

Revolution Messaging

Brennan Lodge

Goldman Sachs

Darko Lovrich


John C. Havens

IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems

Johnathan Cook


Pamela Pavliscak

Change Science

Peter Raymond

The New Bureau

Sophie Kleber


The company was curious and kind, the venue was lovely, and the presentations were eclectic. A great primer for the big week to come this fall at the House of Beautiful Business.
— Beowulf Sheehan, Photographer