Business in the Dark

Chamber of Beautiful Business, Vancouver

June 18, 2019

Chan Centre for Performing Arts 

Co-hosted by Meralon Shandler and Randal Hrytzak.

In times where every answer is just one click away, and digital platforms have altered the meaning of truth and fake, where will we reconnect back to myths and mystery that have been an integral part of human history?

  • In our search for predictability and efficiency, have we forgotten the mystery makes our search possible?

  • What's the cost of certainty in business?

  • If technology and AI provide all the answers, where will the questions come from?

Together, we will be exploring the wonder of not knowing, in the intersection of technological transparency, and what makes us inherently human.

Charlene SanJenko

CEO, Publisher and Producer, PowHERhouse

Christina Benty

Asset Management Evangelist, Strategic Advisor, Leadership Coach, Strategic Leadership Solutions

Dolphin Kasper

Author, Speaker, and Coach to Youth and the Adults in their lives, Evolve Now

Drew Green

CEO, Indochino

Sharad Khareé

Digital Storyteller, Legacy Documentarian, Live Moderator, Media Innovator, KhareCom and LegacyBoy

Simon Goring

Multidisciplinary Scientist, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Adjunct Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of British Columbia

Tina Overbury

Core Story Specialist,