The Many More

Chamber of Beautiful Business, Warsaw

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Six Seasons Restaurant & Concerts

Co-hosted by Ralph Talmont.


In today’s reality, where “the other” can either be a fellow human, a machine, or something in between, it’s not enough anymore to put up the label of diversity. Too much has been raged, too much has been going in the very wrong direction – whether we look to business, politics, or society. The world feels smaller than ever before and yet, populism, discrimination, and isolation has never been more in the center of our zeitgeist.

What’s needed is a way to learn what it takes to really foster a way of thinking that includes perspectives of everyone, or to put it differently, the “many more”. Less than a checkbox and rather as a quintessential principle to do business more beautifully.

How might we acknowledge the similarities and differences in decision-making, collaborating, and creating from a true multitude of aspirations and goals?

Ewa Miendlarzewska


Grzech Piotrowski

Musician and Arts Entrepreneur

Paul Bargetto

Theatre director

Wiesław Bartkowski

Interaction Designer and Design Researcher

Michał Salamon and Staszek Plewniak

Piano and Sax

Natalia Wojciechowska and Laurent Uhres

Dancer and musician

I loved the theme of the Chamber and was impressed by the sense of community feeling. I learned that I should expand my interest more into these spaces and continuously open my mind for innovation.
— Agnieszka Pugacewicz, Digital Economy Lab, University Warsaw