co-hosted by Sun Mee Martin

For 10 guests at ASociedade

A conversation on belonging

We all feel like global citizens and neighbors, living in a world that is drifting apart and in which loneliness is increasing. What does it mean to feel truly at home somewhere–and how does belonging relate to a sense of emotional longing?

In this intimate 4-course home-cooked dinner, nurturing openness and curiosity is set to encourage a collective conversation on such thought-provoking questions, an exchange of personal stories. 


Sensing Lisbon

Odeurs of the World

Co-hosted by Lourenço Lucena

For 12 Guests at Host’s HOme

What would be the olfactive identity of your city? Composed by ingredients of Lisbon’s history, its present, and potential future, you will be invited into a multi-sensory experience that will involve toasts, flavors, and aromas.

This dinner is hosted in the home of a perfumer who studied in Paris, and is currently the only Portuguese member of the Société Française des Parfumeurs.


Earth to Table

Grow your Business like a Farm

Co-hosted by Quinta do Arneiro

For 20 guests at the farm

What might you learn from the origins of work, agriculture, for your business?

With a tour through the fields, a vegetarian and vegan paired with wine, sangria, and herbal infusions this dinner will inspire you to rethink and re-taste, how business can be grown and run “organically”. Até ja!


Hospitality & Inequality

Of Power and Opportunities 

Co-hosted by Cha McCoy

For 20 guests at LOCO

Much of our lives are constructed of bias or simply pre-determined the unalterable circumstance of what class, sex, or race in which you were born. In the world of wine and food we’re asking: How should we define haute cuisine and who should it be reserved for?

Join a New York City sommelier for a very special multi course wine and food pairing menu sponsored by Dona Dorinda winery, set at the dinner table of Michelin Star restaurant LOCO.


Meet Your Future Self

Three Acts into the unknown

Co-hosted by Amy Daroukakis

for 10 guests

We are living in a world where our surface selves are always on display and although we achingly crave meaningful connection, we tend to share limited aspects of ourselves when talking with unknowns.

In three acts (over three courses), you’ll reflect, explore, shape, and commit to becoming the person you want to be. Move beyond casual conversations of past and current roles and instead greet, meet and share your future self.


Embrace Serendipity

Strangers, local wine, and peel-and-eat shrimp

Co-hosted by Peter mandeno and Lizzie Shupak

For 40 guests


Succulent shrimp, delicious wine and surprising conversation. For a decade Wok+Wine has traveled the globe taking guests safely outside their comfort zones, helping them find the people they didn't know they were looking for.

Forget bravado and celebrate simplicity–this unique immersive dinner will stimulate authentic connections and surprising conversations. Join this special 10th anniversary celebration!


For the Love of Kintsugi

Altering through Brokenness

Co-hosted by Motoki Tonn

For 25 guests at Village Underground

The Japanese mastery craft Kintsugi “golden rejoining” dates back to the 15th century and is dedicated to the restoration of fine ceramic pottery. Focusing on carefully covering its wounds with gold-laced epoxy, these artistic pieces regain their beauty, birthed out of vulnerability.

You’ll be challenged to face, honor, and transform your own “cracks”, encouraged by eco-food served in-between recycled shipping containers of Lisbon’s creative heart.


The Equation of Impact

Creating new power

co-hosted by Meg Pagani and Kristiane Davidson

for 20 guests at casa do impacto

Impact is the new purpose. We all want to own and live by it, and only a few really do. In-between individual growth and collective purpose is where we find the equation that creates new power, and by that, new realities.

Dedicated to joining forces by looking inward first, this dinner invites you to reflect, re-build, and re-imagine yourself and your business in Lisbon’s center of doing good, Casa do Impacto.


Abracadabra & Expecto Patronum!

In pursuit of magic

co-hosted by Wendy van Leeuwen and Kristina Palovicova

for 10 guests at Host’s Home

When was the last time you immersed yourself into something so much you completely lost track of time?

Set in a beautiful home of a Lisbon-based entrepreneur, we will be lifting the curtain to a night accompanied by a vegetarian, Mediterranean home-cooked meal dedicated to the little moments of magic, joy, and playfulness–and how to carry these back into your lives again. 


15 Toasts to Humanity & Technology

Hosted by Massimo Portincaso, BCG

For 15 guests at Cave23

Humanity is in the midst of a genuinely unprecedented technological transformation.  It is unprecedented in its global scope and in its multi-dimensionality.

This dinner is set to discuss to what extent the relationship between humanity and technology is the product of human plans and actions or defined deterministically by technological developments alone.


Sound of Silence

A Ceremony of the Now

Co-hosted by Anita Klasanova 

For 10 guests at host’s home

In silence and stillness, your senses will be enriched by your surroundings. The sounds, scents, tastes, lights, textures, and energy between you and the others. 

This is an invitation to pause the entertainment of character around our food experiences, habits and cravings in our modern busy world and take on the opportunity to indulge in the silence of our senses.


Eat, Drink, and Be the Difference

A Night of Optimism and Future Leaders

Co-hosted by Ageas and Nova School of Business & Economics 

For 85 guests

First, the UN called out the Millennium Goals. Then, they rephrased them as the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. And here we are, facing same old, and, more than ever, pressing challenges.

In spite of today’s gloom and doom, this is a night of surprising delights, brutally honest questions, and a good portion of light-hearted enthusiasm for today’s and tomorrow’s generations.


Higher Performance

Touching the essence

Co-hosted by T-Systems

For 20 guests

Let’s be honest: We all love to experience higher performance. Whether in the world of business or technology, whether in sports or entertainment. And yet, it might be time to look at higher performance in a much more nuanced way – and how it could be both the solution and cause to many of the most wicked problems we’re facing.

With toasts from experts across disciplines, this dinner will drill down to the essence of higher performance.


Life Dreams

A Night at the Bank

Co-hosted by Porsche and the House of Beautiful Business

For 150 guests

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, said Eleanor Roosevelt. So, of course, dreams matter at the House of Beautiful Business.

During one extraordinary night of unexpected moments and déjà vus, we will dream big and celebrate our individual and collective life dreams as everything they are – glorified aspirations and bitter-sweet memories, rocket fuel of our ambitions and signs of the time.