5 Things to Tell Your Boss, Partner, and Conscience

You feel intrigued by the House? But you need permission from someone (or maybe yourself...) to request an invite, buy a Resident Pass, and go to Lisbon?

Don’t worry. We got you. Here we go:



“The House will help me make invaluable contacts and build an extraordinary network.”

Totally true. In addition to the 100 business leaders, artists, founders, technologists, best-selling authors, and change-makers from around the world that we’ve invited to speak and perform, you will meet Residents who work at Ageas, Airbnb, Airbus, Amazon, Bayer, BCG, Beiersdorf, BMW, Boss Zhipin, BPI, Capital One, CARE International, Daimler, Deutsche Telekom, European Commission, Facebook, Farfetch, Galp, Google, Hubert Burda Media, IBM, IEEE, INSEAD, Korn Ferry, LinkedIn, Lufthansa, MAGNUM Photos, Microsoft, Nestlé, Netflix, Novo Banco, Otto Group, Porsche, Quartz, SAP, Sennheiser, Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab, Siemens, Sky, SYPartners, TAP Portugal, TED Conferences, Uber, UBS, Union Square Ventures, Wikimedia, XING and many more companies and NGOs.

But it’s not just that these people are present; the House is designed to foster personal connections and help you get to truly know one another.


“The House is one year of learning & development packed into 5 days.”

Well, let’s just say that’s a catchy headline. But rest assured that the House is a highly immersive, transformative learning experience. At the House, you will hone those human skills essential for the future of work, you will get fresh insights into emerging technologies and business models, and also deep-dive into the “soft side” of business.

The House inspires people to lead with purpose and create beautiful products, services, and meaningful experiences. In a nutshell, the House is a place for acquiring those immeasurable resources critical for leading and growing your organization in a time of increased uncertainty.


“Experience is everything today, and the House is known for creating extraordinary experiences.”

Thank you. And yes, today we all live in an experience economy and at the House, we love to design unique experiences not found at other conferences. From morning raves to late-night living rooms; from mystery-meetup beginnings to closing with a silent party; from wandering through House halls and finding yourself surrounded by melodies from the music studio, to taking part in dinners that engage all your senses.

The House is an orchestrated sequence of moments that you may follow faithfully, or wander off from in order to discover something between the lines that changes everything for you.


“This Beautiful Business thing is the future, and we need to get a grip on it.” 

Go team! It’s actually quite simple: efficient, productive, and innovative are no longer good enough. When everything that can be automated will be, being human becomes the ultimate differentiator. And humanizing business means making it more beautiful. Nobody wants to work for companies that operate like machines, and ultimately no one will accept a ruthlessly automated business system that creates wealth for a few and pennies for the many. We need business—arguably the most important operating system of our time—to help us be more human in this age of machines. Business can and must be beautiful, and at the House of Beautiful Business you can see that principle—or call it an ethic, a plan, a strategy—in action, and take notes.


“I heard good things about the House. So I might check it out, get some work done, and then go to Web Summit.”

Yeah, sure. So in theory, that’s all true and possible. Last year we surveyed our House18 attendees after the event, and 90% highly recommended attending. The House has unique co-working spaces which you can use as a comfortable hub, with great food, drinks, and wifi. And yes, you can also throw yourself into the world’s largest technology conference, which happens to take place in Lisbon at the same time.

But most people who come to the House find something that makes them stay, engages their full attention, and hones their vision. Many new projects and ventures have emerged from the House; many partnerships forged; and we know quite a few people who finally decided to quit their job and start something new after attending the House.

But maybe don’t tell your boss about that.