House Residency

Become a House Resident

Join a global community of business leaders, economists, policy-makers, technologists, scientists, artists, and activists to make business more beautiful.

Intimacy Intelligence Impact

A year-long membership

Dubbed “the most-unlike-minded community in the world,” we facilitate connections between ideas and people who might never meet otherwise.

Discover fringe ideas and trends that matter before they become mainstream, gain inspiration across disciplines from the humanities, art, and science, learn with fellow leaders to cultivate meaningful, not just transactional relationships, and collaborate on impact initaitives.

Any questions? Email us anytime.

Features & Benefits

Beauty Shot

Beauty Shot

Stay in the know about the latest trends, current events, and beautiful business practices at the intersection of business, tech, science, the arts, and humanities.

Resident Circles

House Circles

Participate in occasional live online forums that facilitate connections and exchanges among Residents, provide updates on House Work projects, and feature guest speakers.


House Work

Take part in members-run collaboration initiatives to investigate various aspects of beautiful business and apply them to the everyday workplace.

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House Meetups

From "15 Toasts Dinner to Unfinished Projects" hosted at an airport construction site, a roundtable on climate responsibility in business set in a former nuclear reactor, or a series of distributed group lunch walks, or a simple meetup, get together with fellow members in more than 30+ cities around the world!

Beautiful Business Trips

House Discord

Drop in our joint server to connect directly with fellow House Residents, stay on top of all activities and updates.

House Library

House Library

Access recordings of our online and IRL gatherings plus podcasts, audio journeys, publications, films, House Concerts, and more.

House Residency

This year-long membership gives you individual access to all features.

275 per annum
  • Beauty Shot newsletter
  • Resident Circles
  • Discounts for Beautiful Business Trips
  • House Work
  • House Library
Jessica Orkin
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Joe Fletcher
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