Progress is born in bold abstractions but experienced in the day-to-day. Concrete Love is the response to the forces, innovations, and burning questions that will define 2022 and everything thereafter.

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Attend Concrete Love online and get access to all live sessions and on-demand programming.


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Become a Resident of the House and enjoy the full benefits of our annual membership program, including a Virtual Pass.


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Attend Concrete Love in person. This exclusive pass includes a place at the Lisbon event plus a year of House Residency.


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“Imagine the best house party in the world where everyone is phenomenally interesting as well as interested in talking to you."

—Sophie Devonshire, CEO, The Marketing Society

“The most meaningful conference I have ever attended. It spoke to all senses, to the mind and soul.”

—Anne Kjaer Riechert, co-founder and CEO, ReDi School of Digital Integration

“I have rarely had such a good time at not-a-conference.”

—Mathieu Lefevre, CEO and co-founder, More in Common

“A home where you can wrestle with the biggest ideas and the most difficult challenges we face, but in a way which is safe and loving.”

—Ed Gillespie, board member, Greenpeace UK

“Giant ambition. First-time terrain. Beautiful. Messy. Surprising. Poignant. On key. Off key. All of it.”

—Jessica Orkin, CEO, SYPartners



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