The Natural Organization: Mycelium, Microbes, and Regeneration

Dig deeper, go below the soil, and leave regenerated

Thursday – Friday, October 20 – 21, 2022

5–7 p.m. CEST respectively

“We imagine we will colonize other planets, but we have barely probed this one. We have yet to find a lifeless place on Earth, and there are many places we have yet to check. The surface of Earth is covered in unstudied life.”

In the spirit of ecologist Rob Dunn’s words, we’ll dig deep below the surface—into the soil and underground, to emancipate the next paradigm of organizations inspired by the laws of biology and nature.

How can business not only learn from nature but become natural altogether? What might fungal networks, mycelium, and the ever-evolving life of microbes tell us about symbiotic relationships, resource-efficiency, and regenerative growth?

With Colin Averill, co-founder, Society for the Protection of Underground Networks (SPUN), Simon Berkler, co-founder of TheDive, Laura Coppen, Head of Circularity at Zalando, Rob Dunn, biologist and author of A Natural History of the Future, Leen Gorissen, author of Building the Future of Innovation on Millions of Years of Natural Intelligence and the founder of Centre4NI, and more.

This Beautiful Business Trip is an invitation to leave the Anthropocene behind us, as we permeate through the formation of the natural organization.

How to take part

Buy your ticket for 495 EUR or become a House Resident to benefit from a discounted fee of 295 EUR (make sure you’re logged in).

We also offer a 50% discount for students and nonprofits.

The Natural Organization: Mycelium, Microbes, and Regeneration
The Natural Organization: Mycelium, Microbes, and Regeneration

495 Euro general public | 295 Euro for Residents


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