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Program 2018



Program 2018



6 days full of small moments that can change everything.  

From breakfast to midnight, the House of Beautiful Business is a transformative experience that takes place on stages and lawns, in courtyards, lecture halls, our chef's welcoming kitchen, and specially programmed guest rooms. It is made for inspiration and interaction, for encounters and self-reflection, for humanity and business. 


Saturday, NovEMBER 3

The House kicks off with excursions and masterclasses in the afternoon, a salon with fado and saudade, and a reception to welcome all residents at the close of day.

Sunday, NovEMBER 4

The Conference of Beautiful Business (taking place at the Academy of Sciences) offers a full-day experience with talks, debates, workshops, performances, and an evening celebration with masks, magicians, and music.

Monday-Wednesday, NovEMBER 5-7

In the rooms, studios, and stages of the Gallery House, residents gather for breakfasts (or yoga for the early-birds), lunch, and dinner sessions, for special projects and work groups, lectures, performances, evening salons, and night caps to send us on our way.

Thursday, NovEMBER 8

Playing the beautiful game and going through the ritual of a silent farewell party will make the last gathering at the House a memorable one. 

All week

With dedicated rooms (e.g. a Museum of Beautiful Business, an AI-in-Residence, a screening room, or a music recording studio) and special experiences, the House is a space for exploration and surprises, from robotic zen gardeners to corporate theater. What is waiting behind the next door?

We will publish the detailed program closer to the event.