House Residency


Join a mission-driven global community of business leaders, economists, policy-makers, technologists, scientists, artists, and activists to reinvent your organization and yourself.


Become part of our global movement to shift business-as-usual to business that is beautiful.

Learn and grow in community, discover fringe ideas and trends that matter before they become mainstream, develop ideas alongside experts from around the world, and find collaborators to drive solutions at the intersection of business, tech, science, the arts, and humanities.


This year-long membership gives you individual access to all features.

275 per annum
  • Annual Gathering (virtual)
  • Resident Circles
  • House Work
  • House Library

Features & Benefits

Annual Gathering virtual

Annual Gathering (virtual)

Attend the virtual program of our annual gathering, The___Dream, with an immersive online experience over several weeks.

Annual Gathering lisbon

Lisbon Gathering

Meet in person with the most passionate members of our community for the exclusive Lisbon edition of our main annual gathering from Friday, October 28 - Monday, October 31, 2022, with the theme: The___Dream. Tickets are available for an additional fee.

Resident Circles

Resident Circles

Participate in weekly online forums that facilitate connections and exchanges among Residents, provide updates on House Work projects, and feature guest speakers.


House Work

Take part in members-run collaboration initiatives to investigate various aspects of beautiful business and apply them to the everyday workplace.

House Library

House Library

Receive our weekly Beauty Shot newsletter and access recordings of our online and IRL gatherings plus podcasts, audio journeys, publications, films, House Concerts, and more.

Beautiful Business Trips

Beautiful Business Trips

Join our online-first experiential learning programs to new domains of knowledge, practice new skills, and meet fellow travelers along the way. Tickets are available at a members discount.

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Lisbon Pass

The exclusive in-person Lisbon edition of our main annual gathering from October 28-31, 2022, The___Dream.

  • Four days of learning, inspiration, and transformation
  • World-class speakers and performers
  • Quality networking in an intimate setting
  • Hands-on master classes and workshops
  • Immersive experiences, field trips, curated dinners, and more

Teams & Partners

We offer team residency packages and a range of consulting services for organizations.

  • Team Residency packages
  • Team retreats and strategy sprints
  • Tailored learning programs and events
  • Custom insight reports, media, and publications



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