Priya Parker. Artist of Gathering.

Founder, Thrive Labs; author, the art of gathering

New York

To gather is human. To do so with purpose and beauty is the work of Priya.

Tess Posner. AI Educator.

Executive Director, AI4ALL

San Francisco

AI is complicated and controversial, yet Tess makes it inclusive with AI4ALL.

Albert Wenger. Thesis-driven Investor.

Managing Partner, Union Square Ventures; author, World After Capital

New York

A thesis-driven VC investor, Albert contends we need to figure out how to live in a World After Capital in which the only scarcity is our attention.

Susan David. Psychologist and Management Thinker.

Author, Emotional Agility; founder & co-director of the Institute of Coaching at
McLean Hospital of Harvard Medical School and instructor in psychology, Harvard University


Susan believes that emotional agility is the single most important determinant of our life success. 

Christopher Eoyang. Realistic Time Travel Enthusiast.

GLOBAL INVESTOR & VP of Business Development and Global Projects, Boom Supersonic

Up in the air

Christopher jets between San Francisco, London, Dubai, Tokyo, and beyond to make the future of plane travel supersonic. 

Brett Scott. Economy Hacker.

Journalist, campaigner, and author of The Heretic's Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money


Brett Scott radically deconstructs and reimagines the financial system.

Clare Jones. Placefinder.

CCO, what3words


Clare helps people of all backgrounds and cultures find their place in the world.

Myisha Cherry. Scholar of Emotion.



Myisha questions stereotypes, fights for justice, and embraces emotions that are uncomfortable to talk about.

Elad Verbin. Apostle of Humanistic Tokenization.

Lead Scientist & Founding Partner, Berlin Innovation Ventures


Drawing from both science and the humanities, Elad envisions blockchain technology as the enabler of a human-centered economy. 

Miriam Meckel. Neuronaut.

Publisher, WirtschaftsWoche; author, My Brain Belongs to Me


Miriam examines morals and machines, and explores brainhacking with a fiercely independent mind.

Jacob Hsu. Tech-Ed Leader.

CEO, Catalyte


Jacob scales future-fit skills by using AI to identify and train potential software developers to offer opportunity where jobs are needed most.

Jared Ficklin. Future Maker.

Co-Founder AND Chief Creative Technologist, argodesign


Jared set the TED stage on fire, literally, built smart porta potties, and keeps Austin weird.

Josin. Singer-Songwriter.


With ethereal poetry and hypnotic beats, Josin enchants hearts and algorithms.

John C. Havens. AI Ethicist.

Executive Director, IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems

New York

John dreams of a world where human wellbeing is prioritized over exponential growth

Joana Casaca Lemos. Human Spirit Designer.

Design researcher and professor of design, CODE University


Focused on the spiritual in design, Joana studies how to amplify qualities of sustainability in the age of exponential technology.

Gianpiero Petriglieri. Unrepentant Cosmopolitan.

Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior, INSEAD


Gianpiero seeks the soul of organizations and educates the hearts of leaders.

Johannes Mueller. Magic Realist.

VP, Communications, BSH Home Appliances Group
and Conflict PhotographeR


A corporate communicator in his day job, Johannes moonlights as a war photographer with a purpose.

Mykel Dixon. Enterprise Artist.

Author, speaker, musician


Mykel believes that the future of business belongs to the artists.

Alice Thwaite. Filter-Bubble Burster.

Founder and Editor, Echo Chamber Club


Alice champions variety of thought by curating contrarian opinions.

Jodie Patterson. Beauty Explorer.

SOCIAL ACTIVIST; Founder, Doobop and Georgia; Author, THE BOLD WORLD

New York

A social activist and entrepreneur, Jodie focuses on underrepresented beauties and proudly fights for LGBTQI rights.

Carlos Nuno Gomes da Silva. Business Humanist.



For Carlos, the greatest human need is energy, and the most exponential technology is relationships.


Scott Cleverdon and Assumpta Serna. Dramatic Duo.

Fundación First TEAM


Scott and Assumpta are evoking the performer’s soul in all of us.

Mark Williams. Personalizer.

Chief Marketing Officer, People First


For Mark, AI-based personalization is the key to a more human future of work.

Katarzyna Szymielewicz. Lawyer and Activist.

Co-Founder and President, Panoptykon Foundation


Katarzyna is defending the rights of individuals in a surveillance society.

Justyna Zubrycka. Connected Play Designer.

cHIEF DESIGN OFFICER & co-founder, Vai KAI


Justyna ignites children’s (and adults’) imagination with digitized playthings.

Louise Kyhl-Triolo. Learning Innovator.

Head of Leadership Development, Culture Innovation, and Leadership University, Airbus, NA

San Jose

A passionate risk-taker, Louise is spreading the entrepreneurial mindset allowing Airbus to re-engineer its future.

Shermin Voshmgir. Crypto Economist.

Founder Blockhain Hub & Director, RESEARCH Institute for Crypto economics,
Vienna University


Shermin believes decentralized web and cryptocurrencies are key to more humane societies.

Jonathan Cook. Master of Rituals.



Jonathan restores a human vision of commerce by reminding us of the power of rituals.

Martin Reeves. Renaissance Strategy Man.

Director, BCG Henderson Institute; Senior Partner, Boston Consulting Group

New York

Whether in music, natural systems, or the world of business, Martin understands that complex systems must evolve to succeed.

Sylvia Jaki. Troll Buster.

Media linguist, University of Hildesheim


Might it take a hate speech detection algorithm to get us to act nicely online? Sylvia thinks it could help.

Mark Rolston. Designer on the Edge.

Co-Founder and Chief Creative, argodesign


Dark or bright visions of the future of technology and humanity—Mark sees them all and is not afraid of exploring the extremes. 

Miriam Leia Bekkouche. Mindful Diplomat.

Founder and CEO, The Brain Spa


Miriam believes in meditation as the most powerful tool of diplomacy.

Sabine Seymour. Fashionable Body Sensorist. 

Founder and CEO, Supa

New York

Sabine believes data sovereignty must be fun.

Peter Tollman. Game Changer.

Senior Partner, Managing Director, and BCG Fellow, Boston Consulting Group


Leaning on the principles of play, Peter helps us manage complexity without getting complicated.

Christoph Quarch. Meaning Maker.

Philosopher, Author, and Consultant


Awakening the soul of an organization is Christoph’s calling.

Ian William Craig. Composer.


Ian uses broken tape machines and his classically trained voice to offer us claustrophobic escapes from the ordinary.

Joana Fins Faria. Talent Magnet.

Artist and chief Talent officer, city of porto


Joana connects passion, people, and Porto.

AnneLise Staal. Soft Skilled Change Agent.

Director of Soft Skills Strategy,

San Francisco

In a world where hard facts are overvalued, AnneLise advocates for softer things that make us stronger and keep us human.

Bastian Bergmann. Deep Tech Pioneer.

Co-Founder, 12traits


Bastian catalyzes the experience economy. He believes human interaction with tech should feel like drinking coffee: warm and invigorating.

Andrian Kreye. Ideas Person.

Editor, Arts and IDEAS, Sueddeutsche Zeitung


From Sudan to New York to AI, Andrian brings the edge to the center and the center to the edge.


Amanda Jones. Cannabis Tea Manufacturer.

Co-Founder ANd Co-CEO, Kikoko

San Francisco

Amanda is infusing the alternative wellness market with compassion, class, and cannabis.

Kenneth Mikkelsen. Leadership Consogliere.

Founder, FutureShift; co-author, The Neo-Generalist


Kenneth believes the future belongs to neo-generalists who live in more than one world.

Jessa Gamble. Expert of Awe.

Science Writer


Jessa explores the mechanics of nature to make our lives richer.

Benjamin Schlez. Musician-in-Residence.

Composer, guitarist, producer


In our House music studio, Benjamin invites you to listen, jam, and create the soundtrack of your life.

Helen and Dave Edwards. AI Intelligentsia.

Founder and editors, Quartz AI

San Francisco

Dave and Helen want to make us more intelligent about artificial intelligence.

Jessica Appelgren. Fake Meat Maker.

VP of Communications, Impossible Foods

Redwood City

Jessica revolutionizes the fast-food industry with meat-free burgers.

Verena Bahlsen. Food Innovator.



Verena creates the space for food to drive long-term positive change.

Christine Pausewang. New School Nutritionist.

Partner, Biocol Labs


Contributing a fresh voice to holistic nutrition, Christine is transforming a Portuguese family business to create the pharmacy of a “post-chemical” future.

Massimo Sanfelice. Chef-in-Residence.



If the kitchen is the heart of the House, Massimo Sanfelice is its soul.

Lacey Leone McLaughlin. Accelerator.

CEO & Co-Founder, Flerish

Los Angeles

Lacey knows how to empower people to take control and ownership of their careers and work life.

Twain Liu. Maker of Humanistic AI.

AI researcher and entrepreneur

London – Palo Alto

Twain focuses on making AI more representative of human intelligence.

Joe Schaeppi. Good Psychographer.

Co-founder, 12traits


When he isn’t surfing, skiing, or sailing, Joe’s mission is to save us from the irrelevant.

Mark Aanderud. Musician-in-Residence.

Musician, Composer, Producer


A multicultural collector of sounds and talent, Mark defies genres but respects joy.

Nora Gherbi. Chief Care Officer.

Founder, Who Cares!? Chronicles

New York

In a world of cynics, skeptics, and compulsive procrastinators, Nora is not afraid to genuinely care, and she’s helping others do the same.

Judith Wallenstein. Pharma Expert and Work Futurist.

Senior Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group


Judith examines the motivations of sharing economy workers—and debunks some stubborn myths along the way.

Ashley Grice. Purpose-driven Matchmaker.

CEO and Managing Director, BrightHouse


Ashley’s business is purpose.

Tim Whiting. Man of Letters.

Publisher, Piatkus Constable Robinson, Little, Brown Book Group


Tim has the greatest job in the world but believes the best is yet to come for the book industry.

João Veiga. Master of Hospitality.

Founder and Managing Director, Dear Lisbon Houses


With his Dear Lisbon guesthouses, João offers Lisbon visitors a personal, not a personalized experience.

Chloé Stueckelschweiger. Trend Researcher.

Founder, Buro Granulate


For Chloé, trends are the windows to the human soul and insights that last.

Ghislaine Boddington. Body Transformer.

Creative Director, body>data>space and Women Shift Digital 


A pioneer in bodytech, Ghislaine is busy building the Internet of Bodies. 

Aditi Khorana. Maker of New Myths.


Los Angeles

Aditi draws from ancient mythology to shape stories for our female future.

Alethea C. Avramis. Immersive Storyteller.

Filmmaker and Producer, Atlas V


Alethea’s narrative arises out of virtual realities.

Karel Golta. Human-first Innovator.

Founder and CEO, Indeed Innovation & Tools of Innovators


Karel believes that in the age of machines only innovators will retain their human agency.

Martin Harrison. AI Whisperer.

Marketing Director, Kortical


Martin makes AI tangible and comprehensible, helping businesses become more effective in the machine age.

Arun Chaudhary. Filmmaker.

Partner, Revolution Messaging


An insider of political campaigns, Arun believes that nothing is beautiful and only very little is true.

Robert Rowland Smith. AutoBioPhilosopher.

Philosopher, author, constellator


Through philosophy, writing, and his work with the systemic constellation process, Robert explores what it means to be human.

Kim Nilsson. Data Entrepreneur.

Co-founder and CEO, Pivigo


With Pivigo, Kim connects organizations and freelance data scientists worldwide.

Jannike Stoehr. Serial Job Tester.

Author, The Dream Job Experiment


Why have one job when you can have 30? Jannike is a fearless adventurer surveying the career landscape of the future.