Dreams are overused in popular culture and borderline cheesy as a festival theme. We’ve already started building a Spotify playlist for the opening night that will make you cry and cringe. And yet, dreams—before they become purpose, plans, goals, and metrics—are the breeding ground for personal and organizational growth. They fuel innovation and social progress. 

So we’ll go down the rabbit hole and explore the very earthy and the very lofty, deep-down and high-up: from the mycelial to the metaverse, from spiderwebs to Web3, from the subconscious to quantum, from Freudian slip to word-of-mouth, from the Great Resignation to the Great Reformation, from the raw and rowdy to the stellar and sublime. We want to surface hidden forces before they become trends, and confront ourselves with multiple realities.

What dream is worth dreaming? What does it take to make it real? These are the questions that unite us—with answers that divide us. Unless we find the one universal dream—or accept that there is more than one. 

So join us on a journey below, above, and beyond, and insert what’s missing in

Friday, October 28 – Monday, October 31, 2022
Lisbon | Online | Underground

400 attendees in Lisbon, thousands online
100+ speakers and performers
Talks, interviews, debates
Art, experiments, immersive experiences
Music, movement, masterclasses
More details soon.

To participate virtually, become a Resident, or apply to attend our in-person gathering in Lisbon via the form below. We offer tickets at 3250 EUR + VAT. 


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