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It takes a village.

It starts with the House.

The world is undergoing a fundamental shift. The many crises of our times are making it abundantly clear: business-as-usual no longer suffices. To thrive in this new reality, we need a new language, a new north star, a new framework for business and life. One that is:

Not harsh but soft and tender

Not rigid but fluid and flexible

Not toxically positive but melancholic

Not numbers-oriented but poetic

Not risk-averse but imaginative

Not efficient but sustainable

Not “human-centered” but humane

Not all-knowing but willing to ask beautiful questions

In one word: one that is beautiful

This new practice will not come from business books or schools alone, but rather from economics, tech, science, the humanities, and the arts living together, under one roof.

Enter: The House of Beautiful Business.


The House was founded by two descendants of Silicon Valley: author, three-time TED speaker, and humanist business leader Tim Leberecht and entrepreneur, brand-led growth expert, and punk band frontman Till Grusche.

In 2017, Tim and Till organized House Zero, a small pop-up event held on the sidelines of the world’s largest technology trade show in Barcelona’s gothic quarter. Their goal was to create a brave new space for an honest conversation about tech, society, and business.

The initiative resonated, and the experiment of building a new brand of business—business that’s rawer, more poetic, more imaginative—continued with another gathering in Lisbon, which then gave way to our signature annual festival.

In 2018, the House launched its first publication, the Journal of Beautiful Business, along with the first podcast series. Shortly after, we debuted the Beauty Shot newsletter and published the Book of Beautiful Business.

Meanwhile, the members of our community took the House on the road and began launching local beautiful business hubs in more than 30 cities worldwide, offering in-person and online gatherings throughout the year.


Today, the House is the global network for the life-centered economy, and connects over 50,000 professionals who want to get more out of business and out of life.

Community-powered, thought leadership-driven, and experience-based, we bring together business leaders, innovators, technology experts, strategists, communication specialists, artists, scientists, and activists with the mission to create a new kind of business that is more purposeful, inclusive, and sustainable.

Through consulting projects, thought leadership content, and transformative experiences, we inspire and equip organizations and individuals to shape an economy that honors all forms of life and living systems.

Previously, participation in the community was based on an annual fee. From 2023 on, however, the doors of this House were open for all, meaning: you can read our bi-weekly Beauty Shot newsletter, access the recordings of past House gatherings, take part in our online programs, and connect with community members around the world for free.

For full immersion in the world where the new kind of business reigns, you can also get tickets for our signature festival taking place annually. Titled Between the Two of Us, its 2024 iteration took place at the cultural crossroads that is Tangier, Morocco, where 750 visionaries and leaders came together to set the agenda for the life-centered economy. The upcoming 2025 edition will take us back to Tangier, where we will continue to write a new story for business.

Additionally, you can work with the House—and meet the people who will lead you and your organization into the future. Powered by the unique group of world-class thinkers and practitioners, we are ready to support your organization through tailored learning experiences, strategic reports, vision sprints, event curation, and more. Our corporate partners include Accenture, Ageas, BCG, Chanel, Deloitte, E.ON, EY, Google, Hubert Burda Media, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Otto Group, Porsche, Salesforce, SAP, Sky, Volkswagen Group, and many others.

Want to explore it further?

We are business leaders, economists, policy-makers, technologists, scientists, artists, and activists with a shared desire to reimagine business and ourselves. Leave us your contact details and join the community for free!

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