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To make business more beautiful

Business-as-usual is dead. The desire for a more beautiful life is not.

The world is undergoing fundamental changes: the pandemic, the climate crisis, the mental health crisis, the growing social divide, The Great Resignation…

Business is changing fast, too.

Out: Old-school bosses, command-and-control, binaries, profit first, win-win, an obsession with data and optimization, over-efficiency and reduction, extractive business models.

In: People, planet, purpose; regenerative and circular business models; decentralization; equity; fluid identities; diverse, inclusive workplaces; sensitive, conscious leadership.

To thrive in this new reality, we need business that is more imaginative, playful, and sustainable.

In one word: more beautiful.

As the limitations of traditional business models, management, and workplace cultures have become abundantly clear, we need new visions, paradigms, and practices. They will not come from business books or schools alone, but rather from economics, tech, science, the humanities, and the arts living together under one roof.

Enter the House of Beautiful Business.

A home for leaders seeking inspiration and reinvention

Founded in 2017, the House has grown from a pop-up event in Barcelona to an individual and corporate membership program that offers content, community, and collaborations as well as experiential learning programs and an annual flagship gathering for its community worldwide.

We bring together business leaders, economists, policy-makers, technologists, scientists, artists, and activists. Through in-person gatherings, online programs, joint projects, publications, and art, we inspire and equip them to reinvent their organizations and themselves, and to shape more humane futures for business and society. They include changemakers who are at an inflection point and keen on understanding the new playbooks; teams wanting to grow through transformative experiences; and world-class organizations looking for the next disruptive idea.

Our corporate partners include Boston Consulting Group, Galp, Google, Grupo Ageas Portugal, IEEE, INDEED Innovation, Otto Group, Porsche, PwC, Salesforce, SAP, and many others.

The House was founded by Till Grusche and Tim Leberecht. Tim is a German-American author, three-time TED speaker, and a passionate voice for a human future of business. He held chief marketing officer roles with Frog Design, Aricent, and NBBJ in San Francisco. Till has 15 years’ experience in global marketing and business development roles, including Frog Design, Huge, and IXDS in Amsterdam, San Francisco, London, and Berlin respectively. Tim and Till worked together at Frog Design for several years. Tim’s book The Business Romantic (2015) became an international bestseller, and he has since spoken at conferences and companies worldwide. Meanwhile, Till served as the chief marketing officer of a ridesharing startup in Munich, and has continued to perform as the singer of an almost-retired punk rock band. In 2017, they reunited to form the House of Beautiful Business.

Meet the team

In February 2017, they held a first pop-up event (“House Zero”) in an old guild house in Barcelona's gothic quarter. The same year the House moved to Lisbon for a second gathering, and it has now grown into a home for people from all around the world.

So what exactly is Beautiful Business?

We like to refer to the Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa and his famous line: “Beauty is what does not exist." It thrives in what the Romantics called "negative space." With the House of Beautiful Business, we are cultivating this negative space for new positive visions to emerge: for new frameworks, language, and practices for business that are built on emotions, ethics, and aesthetics instead of efficiency, extraction, and exponentialism.

You could also say, beautiful business is everything we desire and are left wanting; beautiful business is everything business-as-usual is not (yet):

Soft and tender when business-as-usual is hard and harsh

Fluid and flexible when business-as-usual is slow-moving and rigid

Melancholic when business-as-usual is forced optimism

Poetic when business-as-usual is explicit and numbers-oriented

Imaginative when business-as-usual is risk-averse

Deep when business-as-usual is efficient

Ecological when business-as-usual is economical

Humane when business-as-usual is “human-centered”

Comforting when business-as-usual is all about winning

Asking beautiful questions instead of having all the answers

The tenets of the House

But not just WHY we gather, but also HOW matters a great deal to us. We believe that transformation on a personal, organizational, and societal level is only possible through shared emotional experiences that push us gently out of our comfort zone and create a safe space for unsafe ideas.

There is no formula for the experiences we create, but here are some principles that might help you orient yourself when you enter the House (“The Tenets of the House”):


Begin with mystery.

It takes a village, it starts with a House.

Humanizing business means making it more beautiful.

Beauty is something that may or may not exist. You decide.

Change the world by creating a new one. Even just for a few hours.

Create a space where people can get lost without losing.

Show up when it's showtime.

Don't waste time with efficiency.

If software is eating the world, we might as well have a glass of wine with it.

Put on your own oxygen mask first.

We are one but not the same.

We are ugly but we have the music.

Whatever happens in the House should not stay in the House.

End in silence.

Leave the door open on your way out.

A global community seeking intimacy, intelligence, impact

In 2018, we launched the Journal of Beautiful Business and our first podcast series.

In 2019, members of our community took the House on the road and began to launch Chambers of Beautiful Business, local communities in more than 30 cities worldwide that offer in-person and online gatherings throughout the year. We also debuted the Beauty Shot newsletter and published the Book of Beautiful Business, followed by the release of The Great Wave playbook, co-created by members of the House community a year later, and special reports on The State of AI as well as The Future of Experiences.

In 2020, we hosted more than 50 online Living Room Sessions, free to the public, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We now offer weekly Resident Circles for our members (“Residents”), in which they can deepen the conversation, forge new connections, mentor and advise each other, and collaborate on joint projects (House Work).

Each year, we bring together our community for a one-of-a-kind business festival. What started as an in-person event in 2017 turned into a hybrid global happening with an online program, a virtual 3D world, and 36 local hubs for in-person gatherings on six continents with The Great Wave in 2020, and Concrete Love last year, in Lisbon and online.

Our next big gathering, with the theme The___Dream, will take place from Friday, June 2-Monday, June 5, 2023 in Sintra, Portugal.

The___Dream is our seventh main event after House Zero (2017), Next Startup: Humanity (2017), Feel the Machine (2018), The Battle of Beautiful Business (2019), The Great Wave (2020), and Concrete Love (2021).

Five years after we opened its doors for the first time, the House of Beautiful Business has become a brave new space for anyone wanting more from business and from life. Called “the most-unlike-minded community in the world” by one of our Residents, we are poised to cultivate the House as a place like no other for intimacy, intelligence, and impact, all of which are facilitated by connections and experiences that stretch our imagination and broaden the playing field that business operates in.


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