The Making of Beautiful Business

Friday, October 29 – Friday, November 26, 2021

Lisbon and online

From business-as-usual to business that's beautiful

Progress is born in bold abstractions but experienced in the day-to-day. Concrete Love is the response to the forces, innovations, and burning questions that will define 2022 and everything thereafter.

Let’s dream big—and build: new workplaces, new selves, new worlds. Out: commitment issues. In: a rootedness that frees you to be whoever you want.

Let’s begin again. With concrete love.



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Can we rediscover our world through Sensuous Knowledge?
Minna Salami
Why should we accept mortality?
Aubrey de Grey
Will privacy robots and balloon walls rule our future workspace?
Michelle Kaufmann
Will we treat robots like animals?
Kate Darling
Ten years later, how loud is the echo of Quiet?
Susan Cain
Are you ready for the great escape?
Matt King
What is the power of socially conscious activist investors?
Anne-Sophie d'Andlau
What do decisions at the poverty line look like?
Chow and Lin
How do we design more inclusive AI?
Meredith Whittaker
How can we make space travel sustainable?
Alessandra Capurro
Is there power in losing hope?
Bayo Akomolafe
Can you love a bank?
Tim Alexander
Is social audio here to stay?
Rahaf Harfoush
When everything feels complicated, how do you make sense of anything?
Charles Eisenstein
Where will you live in 2050?
Parag Khanna
What happens if we lose ourselves between reality and simulations?
Lawrence Lek
Do we have to want what others want?
Luke Burgis
Can you tickle yourself?
Duff McDonald
Will NFTs rule the world?
Kenny Schachter
Who do you want to be?
Maja Zeco
What will the future of entertainment look like?
Fabien Riggall
Can revolutionary love make us faithful again?
Jacqui Lewis
Can the climate crisis unite us?
Mathieu Lefevre
What are the power dynamics of sex work?
Emma Becker
What do we desire?
Charlotte Fox Weber
How can we experience intimacy in an age of consent?
Katherine Angel
How green is industrial manufacturing?
Steve Evans
What can we eat to trim our carbon footprint?
Paul Greenberg
Can we become one with machines?
Sougwen Chung
What if your voice helped shape laws?
Bridgit Mendler
How can we grow the pipeline of Black women in business?
Fanta Traore
Is solar engineering our last resort?
Masahiro Sugiyama
What are the metrics of prosperity?
Mark Stoleson
How can we safeguard our lives on the internet?
Eva Galperin
Are we alone?
Avi Loeb
Can police officers team up with social designers?
Marjon van Gelderen & Arnoud Grootenboer
What if cities helped us live healthier?
Jonsara Ruth
Is there time to preserve our global democracy?
Kalypso Nicolaïdis
Can buildings purposefully create new vocations?
Karim Nader
Can you resist through dance?
Ahmad Joudeh
Can indigenous science help us save our Earth?
Ocean Mercier
What is the sound of shape and color?
Nathan Langston
What comes after the Anthropocene?
Tobias Rees
Who do we become as mothers?
Melissa Hogenboom
Must technology be calm?
Kaz Oki
What kind of leadership do we need now?
Jessica Orkin
Is there space for #balletok?
Bengt Jörgen
How can we turn imagination into a machine?
Martin Reeves
Should we design relationships?
Justin Maguire
Can light make robots softer—and us?
Ilayda Samilgil
Will you look at me?
Esther Blázquez-Blanco
What’s the next frontier of diversity, equity, and inclusion?
Jessica Tillyer
Do we still have time to change?
Matthew Shribman
When will you show what you actually feel?
Lindsey Wehking
What would Peter Drucker say about all this?
Katharina Moser
How can we bring beauty to the shopfloor?
Steven Braekeveldt
Can we embrace the abstract?
How do you begin?
Michael Bungay Stanier

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